How to apply a skin?


1. Turn off your device, then clean and degrease it thoroughly prior to application, as well as your working area. Clean your hands and fingerti ps thoroughly to avoid getting dust, grease or fingerprints on the skin.

2. Check the size and cut of your skin. Handle your skin with care, and don´t peel it from its base layer in one go. First, peel off the pre-cut holes for speakers, microphone, battery, etc. For higher precision we recommend to use a sharp knife. Avoid stretching your skin as it may result in the skin not fitting your device.

3. To get the best results, it´s important not to rush the application. Partially peel the base layer away from the skin. Caution! If completely peeled from its base layer, the sticky side could stick to itself and cause irretrievable damage.

4. First, apply the largest part and then the smaller pre-cut parts of the skin for the sides, top or bottom (if there are any). Carefully apply the skin with the image side facing upwards, so it´s attached and aligned to the edge of your device. Line up the top and sides carefully.

Installation tips

  1. Watch application video
  2. DO NOT spray the technical spirit onto the adhesive side of your skin 
  3. Always turn off your device! DO NOT underestimate cleanliness 
  4. Use the lint-free fabric to stop any liquid from entering the speakers/microphone etc 
  5. Apply the skin in a dust-free environment