Lifetime warranty on the Screenshield™

  • What does it mean?

    We will replace your Screenshield film in case it gets unintentionally scratched or torn apart after correct aplication onto your device.

  • When can i apply for film replacement?

    In case the film gets scratched or torn apart during usage of your device, we will replace it with a new one. Please take a photo of the Screenshield™ film failure on your device and send it to or together with a proof of purchase. Your request will be accepted and you will be informed shortly, within 3 days. For more information about warranty conditions please refer to section Sales Terms&Conditions.

  • What am I supposed to do in case of acceptance of your request?

    Please take a photo of the Screenshield film failure on your device and send it via e-mail or

    If we find that your request is eligible, we will ask you for transport payment (2€ via bank transfer or PayPal) and send you new protection film.

  • In which cases Lifetime warranty does not apply?

    In case of evident incorrect film application. Incorrect installation can cause unpealing of the film and this is caused by incorrect application or not following application guide instruction (not washing hands before application, incorrect cleaning process of the surface of device display, film gets dirty after droping it, not applying spray liquid on fingertips, incorrect allignment of the film, etc.) It is very important to follow our instructions. For further information about how to correctly apply please refer to our video section.