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Protective film with a lifetime warranty.

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Easy and quick application

Bottom layer connects to the screen with a thin silicon layer that makes the glass adhere seamlessly to the screen without bubbles, and with no reduction in sensitivity.

Main advantages of Screenshield Tempered Glass

  • Smooth touch

    Smooth touch

    The glass is covered with an oleophobic coating that makes the screen feel very smooth. It minimizes smudges from greasy fingers and makes it much easier to clean.

  • Lifetime warranty

    Lifetime warranty

    Screenshield™ Tempered Glass comes with a lifetime warranty. If it gets unintentionally damaged or scratched, we will replace it with a new one.

  • 9x tougher

    9x tougher

    Screenshield™ Tempered Glass is made with a special tempering process that makes the glass 9x  more durable than ordinary glass. The glass is absolutely clear and thin at only 0,26mm. It is rounded at the edges and protects perfectly your screen.

  • Screenshield Tempered Glass content

    Screenshield Tempered Glass comes with protective glass, Squeegee, micro-fibre cloth, cleaning set and application guide.